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Who Are We?

We’re two simple former homeschooling moms with a bit of knowledge and experience to share.  We met here at The Homeschool Library when it was a discussion forum, and became fast friends.  Now that the forum has closed we’ve decided to try our hand at blogging.  We hope you find something helpful in what we have to share!



Writer and former Homeschooling Mom

My name is Susan Treat, but most of my online friends know me as SusanwithaGoodBook. Yes, I love to read! I have a BA in English from Texas A&M University, and worked for a few years as a paralegal before stopping to be a stay-at-home mom.

I began homeschooling my daughter seriously when she was about two. I didn’t really intend to keep going with it, but I was unable to have more children, so I just really wanted to enjoy every moment. Every year I would reconsider my decision to homeschool, but as the years went along I loved it more and more. I could see the benefits of this type of concentrated study on my daughter and on our family life. Homeschooling gave me the freedom to adjust our schedule and curriculum to meet her needs, as well as to add travel and life experiences as they came along. I treasure my memories of those early years.

I ended up homeschooling my daughter all the way through High School. She graduated a year early and then attended the local Junior College before going on to Texas A&M University for her BA in History. Then she finished up with a MLS from Drexel University Online. She is now a wife and mother staying home to raise her own little ones.

In addition to my experiences homeschooling an only child, I led a small homeschool group, taught drama classes, and administered The Homeschool Library discussion forum for 12 years. All of the experiences of those years have taught me a great deal about homeschooling and homeschool parents. I hope I can offer you a few insights and thoughts that might help you as you make your own way through this crazy, fun-filled, and sometimes stressful life.