What are the Advantages of Homeschooling?

What are the Advantages of Homeschooling?

When someone asks you why you’ve chosen to homeschool you usually have one or two main reasons you can pinpoint, but if you stop and think about it later, you can always come up with several other “side benefits” that you might not have originally considered but discovered as you live this somewhat unusual lifestyle.  As I pondered the answer to this question I realized that it all boils down to one basic thing: Freedom!

Still, that’s not a detailed answer, so let me count down the

Top 4 Advantages to Homeschooling:

#4 – Freedom from Fear

Kids at a brick and mortar school have to deal with a lot.  There’s the daily peer pressure to try things, do things, and be things you might not want to be.  Added to that is the more severe struggle against bullying or even just being picked on for whatever reason.  And then to top it all off, there are the new fears that go with School Safety – will there be a shooting or a bomb threat?  Is a friend bringing a gun to school?

At home you have to deal with none of that.  No one is calling in a bomb threat to your house, and if you have guns at home your children have been taught safety and the guns are kept locked away.  Peer pressure only comes from family members, and we all know how easy it is to ignore a sibling’s opinion.

In short, home is a much safer place to be, so freedom from fear is a huge advantage of homeschooling.

#3 – Freedom from Unnecessary Stresses

Let’s face it: School can be stressful. Long days, loads of homework, after school activities that keep you out late and make family time non-existent. It can be really difficult to handle it all.  But at home, your school work takes much less time. Classes don’t last 50 minutes if they don’t need to. You do what needs to be done for the day and then you’re through. There is no extra homework because it’s all done at home.  Students learn time management naturally as they figure out how to work efficiently throughout the day to have time for the things they want to pursue. If students have evening activities, that’s okay because they’ve had time at home during the day to do school work, so they feel a lot less stressed.

Homeschooling provides a much less stressful environment for learning, so Freedom from Stress is a big benefit of homeschooling.

#2 – Freedom from Distractions

Traditional School is filled with distractions. There are negative peer influences, social media pressures, and romantic relationships (or at least romantic attractions).

At home there are no romantic relationships, no social media pressure, and no negative peers other than your little brother bugging you.  Home has its own distractions, but those can be compensated for with good time management and good parental control. At least for the normal school hours the student can just “do school” and concentrate on learning.

So, freedom from distractions is another huge benefit of homeschooling.

#1 – Freedom from Conformity

The previous advantages are big, but there is no doubt that the #1 benefit of homeschooling your children is the freedom from conformity.

Homeschooling is eminently customizable, and there is nothing better than personalized education.  We all know some kids are more interested in certain subjects than others. Some students have weaknesses that need extra work. Some have strengths that need extra challenge.  At home we can give extra help where necessary and extra challenge where necessary and help our children find their own niche, express their own individuality. There is no need to compare them with their peers. They can learn on their own time-table and in the way best suited to their individual personality.

Sometimes, sadly, I see homeschoolers try to replicate the public school experience at home.  They are busy checking boxes and making sure their “3rd grade” student completes the “3rd grade” workbook before the end of the “3rd grade” year.  This is unfortunate because it removes the best advantage you have. Don’t be like that, homeschoolers! Take advantage of the fact that you have the freedom to educate your child the way that best suits their needs.  Stop and do extra work on something they’re struggling with. Move on if they’re needing more of a challenge. Find what they’re interested in and build their learning around that as much as possible.

Freedom from Conformity is the greatest advantage of them all!  Enjoy it!


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