Incorporating Art and Music Into Your Homeschool Life

Incorporating Art and Music Into Your Homeschool Life

When you’re just starting your homeschooling days you often have this dreamy idea of what life will be like: easy days filled with eager students and smiling faces. Then reality hits and you feel like you’re just barely getting through reading and math before it’s time to fix supper.

You feel like you’re only barely getting in the necessary stuff, so there’s NO WAY you’d ever add in art lessons or music into your curriculum!

Well, fear not, homeschool parent, you can and should make an effort, but it doesn’t have to be nearly as difficult as you think.

First of all, unless you have an aspiring young Picasso or Mozart in your family there’s no need to incorporate costly lessons or curriculum into your budget. You can always add those later when someone shows an inclination toward it. Lessons are wonderful if you can afford them, but the main thing is exposure and familiarity with major cultural influences.

Whether you can’t even draw a stick figure (like me) or you’re already an accomplished musician, it’s always a great idea to have some familiarity with major artists and art movements and musicians or musical styles. These are easy to add, and take very little time and effort, but we’ll make it even easier for you by providing you a little touch of art and music here at The Homeschool Library.

On alternating weeks Lucy and I will give you little things you can do to add a little color and fun to your homeschool days. Lucy will concentrate on music, I will give you some art. I plan to cover one artist each time, with a bit of background, some fun samples of their work, and some good resources for you if you want to do more. I’ll also make suggestions for something fun you could do to play with art if you have the time.

A little knowledge of art and music are important to a well-rounded individual, so it’s good to make a bit of time for it if you possibly can. We hope you’ll join us here every Wednesday to see what a difference it can make to your homeschool life!


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