This Week in Homeschool News

This Week in Homeschool News

Top Stories:

ENGLAND: The children’s commissioner for England, Anne Longfield, is pushing for registration of homeschoolers across the country in an attempt to get a handle on the actual numbers of homeschooled children.  There seems to be a question of whether those children are truly being homeschooled, or if they have somehow been pushed out of public schools because the school doesn’t want to deal with under-performing students.  In some cases unwilling parents are forced to homeschool because the school doesn’t want the responsibility.

We here at the Homeschool Library aren’t usually big fans of government intervention, but if parents are being forced to homeschool, a requirement for a simple letter of intention would seem to be a good way to find out.

If you want to read more about this situation, here’s an interesting story: UNTEACHABLE?

IOWA:  Homeschoolers in Iowa might want to make some phone calls to their representatives this week after the introduction of HF 182, which would eliminate Iowa’s independent private instruction law.  It would also eliminate parent-taught drivers’ education. State Representative Mary Mascher (D-Iowa City) introduced the bill, so make your thoughts known to her and your local rep ASAP!

NORTH DAKOTA: House Bill 1040 passed in the Senate and should go to the Governor for signing soon.  This measure would equal out the test score requirements for the South Dakota Opportunity scholarship.  Currently home-schooled students need a 28 ACT score while students in public or private schools need a 24.  This measure has apparently failed in the past because the former governor vetoed it, but there’s a new governor now, so the hope is that homeschoolers can be treated equitably at last.

MISSOURI: This week saw the introduction of Senate Bill 130 which would allow homeschool students to participate on public school athletic teams governed by the Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA).  This bill is not without controversy, as some wonder about whether homeschoolers could demonstrate the proper eligibility requirements, or whether they would want to represent the public school they don’t attend. Currently 30 states allow homeschoolers to participate in public school teams, at least 20 of them without having to attend any classes.  Let’s hope Missouri finds a way to make it work.

TEXAS: This week Representative James Frank introduced Texas House Bill 1324 which would allow homeschool students to participate in UIL activities.  The bill contains a provision requiring students to show grade-level proficiency so they can compete against the correct academic peers. If this passes it would allow homeschoolers a better opportunity for competition.


    • MICHIGAN: Congratulations to the Cadillac Area Homeschool boys basketball team who beat Immanuel Christian of Roscommon 38-14 on Tuesday night.  Great job, guys!
    • MISSOURI: Congratulations to the Missouri HomeSchool Mavericks, who defeated the St. Louis HomeSchool Patriots 62-50 on Saturday, February 2nd at Union Hill Baptist Church in Holts Summit. Way to go, guys!
    • FLORIDA: Congratulations to the HEART HomeSchool Falcons who beat First Academy 48-33 Monday night.  Well done, boys!

Opportunities for Homeschoolers:

  • PENNSYLVANIA: Homeschoolers near Kempton might be interested in monthly classes on phenology of the Appalachian forest ecosystem. Hands-on learning activities both inside and outdoors are available for students K-12.  Contact the Hawk Mountain Visitors’ Center for more information.
  • PENNSYLVANIA: The 2019 Homeschool Volleyball Co-ed Classic is scheduled for Saturday, March 23 at the Thomas Fieldhouse at Lock Haven University.  For more information email Coach Shannon Gerencir at slg945@lockhaven.edu or Alex Sklar at aws1509@lockhaven.edu
  • FLORIDA: Homeschoolers ages 6-18 in Tampa can take judo classes with Dr. Rhadi Ferguson on Wednesdays. Find more information at www.tampafloridajudo.net
  • KENTUCKY: Kentucky 4-H wants Homeschoolers to know that opportunities are available for homeschoolers in the state. 4-H is a great match with homeschooling, so contact the  Madison County Cooperative Extension Service Office, 230 Duncannon Lane, Richmond, or call 859-623-4072, to find out more about local 4-H possibilities.
  • TEXAS: Sulfur Springs homeschoolers can now take music and other classes at the Chaffer’s Place Academy and Arts located near downtown at 410 Main Street.  Contact them for more details on classes available.
  • TEXAS: Killeen homeschoolers have a great resource in Greg Wenderski, the Sword Casting Guy. He travels around the country teaching classes on sword casting, and lately homeschoolers have been getting in on the action. If your group is interested in hosting a sword casting class, please contact Wenderski at swordcastingguy.com/contact/.
  • VIRGINIA: Norfolk homeschoolers have a wonderful chance to get up close and personal with the Nauticus and the Battleship Wisconsin at their first Homeschool Day of 2019 on Wednesday, February 20.  Contact the museum for more information.
  • TEXAS: Houston and Spring area homeschoolers should mark their calendars for the 6th annual Homeschool Family Expo byWoodlandsMommy.com.  This event is scheduled for Saturday, March 9, 2019 from 10am – 4pm at the Klein ISD Multipurpose Center, 7500 FM 2920 Rd., Spring, TX. Admission is free and open to the public.


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